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Meditative Reading
The Book Title
Terminology, Structure and Format


Chapter One:      The Joy of Being 

Chapter Two:     Open to the Unknown

Truth and Relative Truth
The End of Suffering
The Diamond

Chapter Three:  The Secret Ocean

Seashells for Happiness

Chapter Four:    The Garden of Splendor

Fall from the Garden
The Dream of Form
Are you the Conditioned Child?
Freedom Child and Conscious Parenting
Dreaming “I”
Imagining Separation
Is Anyone Really Here?
Wake Up to Wakefulness

Chapter Five:    Innocence

Amy’s Innocence
The Mirror is Self-Revealing
Consciousness is the Mirror
The Field of Consciousness

Chapter Six:      The Truth of Renunciation

Ramana and the Buddha
Renunciation is Being Now
Ego Speaks of Renunciation

Chapter Seven: The End of Time

Ego’s Story-Time
The Ground of Now
True Forgiveness
Living Free Laboratory
The End of Time Prophecy
The Time Laboratory
The Seeds of Now


Chapter One:     Realize that I am

No Rain, No Rainbows
Nature as Teacher
Aware of Being Aware
Peak Performance
Attentive Movement
Reinforcing the Practitioner
“I am” Meditation
Practices and Meditations
Unity Consciousness

Chapter Two:    The Gift of Dispassion

The Role of Dispassion
The Passion of Presence

Chapter Three: The Ugly Duckling Named Mind

From Conditioned to Radiant
The Nature of Conditioned Intelligence
Neither This nor That
Moonbeam’s Moondance

Chapter Four:   The Sky over the Sea of Emotion

Waves of Emotion
The Sky of Now over the Sea
Sailing the Storm of Conscious Suffering
The Inner Tides of True Compassion
You Cannot Drown in this Ocean

Chapter Five:    Body Watch

The Body Shop
Body Watch Duality


Chapter One:      Awake in the Dream

The Daytime Dream
Only the Light of Consciousness is
The Mystical Dance of Life

Chapter Two:     Inner Space

Objective Space
The Collective Consciousness
Detachment from Form
Stunned out of Body
Visions and Psychic Powers
Chocolate Cake 

Chapter Three: Impermanence and Permanence

The Nature of Impermanence

Chapter Four:   Surrender, Presence and Welcoming

Four Intensities of Surrender
Resistance is the Ego
Unconditional Surrender
Unequivocal Surrender
When Surrender is the Ego
Vigilant Surrender
Transcendental Surrender
Glimpses of Truth
The Grace of Welcoming

Chapter Five:    The Waiting Place

I am the Witness Only
Satsang or Awake Essence
Control, Forbearance, and Selfless Service
I Doubt It!
“Kissed by the Angel of Peace”


Chapter One:     The New Dawn

Tripping over Joy
Chasing Life
Why are You Here?
Love, Serve and Remember
Divine Longing and Fearing Death
The Valley of the Shadow of Death
The Concept of God
I am That!
“Silent Mystery in the Heart of Night”

Chapter Two:    Spontaneous Awakening

The Awakening Story
Sundance Burke, Gangaji and Eckhart Tolle

Chapter Three: Life is the Way

The Teachings of the Heart
“The Mystical Sky”

Chapter Four:   Roses for Awake Living

The Way of the Heart
Four Roses
Wisdom People
Life’s Children

Chapter Five:    True Nature’s Garden

Appendix I          Preparation for Meditative Reading

Appendix II        Practices and Meditations

          Presence Meditation
Silent Space Meditation
Inner Silence Meditation
Testing the Body Hypothesis
Movement Meditation
Self-inquiry: Encountering “I”
Devotional Chanting
“I am” Meditation
Life is the Way
Four Roses

Index of Quotes, Lyrics and References  

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Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment Table of Contents
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