34 Reviews as of March 6, 2010

"As the world situation becomes more intense, we see the balance as it is expressed in the light of consciousness - also becoming stronger and brighter. Katie Davis is one of those precious lighthouses who beam their joy across the seas of humanity. We are blessed to share her book, Awake Joy, with us on our journeys. It is a gift for all seekers of truth and enlightenment."

Deva Premal and Miten            Dakshina, Embrace, The Essence, Love is Space
Australia                                       Moola Mantra, Soul of Wonder; Prabhu Music

"Awake Joy is a lyrical expression of the essence of enlightenment.  But do not be deceived by the rare delicacy of the  prose.  This  is  a  must  read  of  depth  and  brawn.  Every  question  the seeker might ask is answered in exquisite detail.  Katie  Davis  leaves no doubt as to what to expect at every turn toward ultimate Awakening.  Even to the final page, I felt I was handling pure Essence, perhaps the most beautiful sheaf of pages ever in my rough hands."

Mark Waller, PhD                        Author, The Dance of the Lion and the Unicorn, Awakening,
Chino and Yorba Linda, California                   The Paradox of Being Human

"In this luminous book, Katie Davis reminds us again and again that we are all the very essence of Awake Joy, 'a sacredly peaceful joy, which lies deep within every being.' Katie allows us to further understand the nature of the awakening process and the exquisite liberation and joy of a life lived in timeless presence. This is a book whose invitation on every page is to discover the deepest Truth of who you are, beyond the personal self and the story. It is beautifully written by Being itself."

Victoria Ritchie       Spiritual Counselor, Editor Practicing the Power of Now
San Francisco, California        Manager of  the California Institute of  Integral Studies Bookstore

"Katie's obvious love of what is real, shines through every page and invites us all to recognize what is ever present."

Isaac Shapiro           Author, Outbreak of Peace, It Happens by Itself

"To be human is to have a profound choice. We can direct our attention to the evening news, or the Resurrection, or past lives, chakras, heaven and hell, the World Series, or, as right now, to a line of text. Or we can allow it to shift from these endless specifics to the clear space of consciousness within which all this moves and rests. Here the conflict of competing theologies is laid to rest. Katie Davis apparently has some intimate knowledge of this mysteriously simple truth-place, and her book will send you spinning round it like a moth round the candle. With luck, or grace, or utter abandon, you may even fall into the flame. If there is a path to peace now when armies of competing faith face off, it is in this simple, primal teaching. Onward."

Michael Green          Artist and Creator, The Illuminated Rumi Books
Pennsyvania's Brandywine Valley

"A clear call to wake up to the reality of the non-dual Self. In this supremely practical guide to escaping the dominion of the ego, Katie speaks from the heart and avoids the temptation to become lost in intellectual concepts, reminding us of the beauty, joy and timelessness of living in the present moment."

Dennis Waite             Author, Book of One, How to Meet Yourself, Back to the Truth
United Kingdom

"Awake Joy is a wonderful guide to our awakening, describing the process of conditioned tendencies that dissolve into conscious awareness of our true nature. It is well written with a nice poetic flow.  This book explores every conceivable angle of "me" returning home. Through Katie Davis' open invitation to stay in the Now, this could be an easily available resource and a place to turn, when you recognize your avoidance of Now."

Fred Campbell                             Eastside Satsang, A Course in Miracles Facilitator
Seattle, Washington

"Katie Davis shares with us a fresh vision of the awakened life in honest, elegant language that is a pleasure to read. Her lucid descriptions are accompanied by practical experiments that point you to the direct experience of your true nature here and now. I am happy to recommend her to you."

David Dasarath Davidson       Author, Freedom Dreams, Wisdom at Work
New York, New York      Gamble Everything for Love

"A powerhouse of a book! Katie Davis has captured the uncapturable: a clear view of enlightenment...in plain English. Bravo!"

Chris McCombs                           Author, Delicious Silence, Beloved, Lover's Road
Orcas Island, Washington

"Katie Davis has written a Spiritual Encyclopedia! Everyone interested in enlightenment, spirituality, or inner contentment will greatly benefit from this book. Covering every topic from the inner workings of the mind, Advaita, meditation and awakening, Katie leaves no stone unturned, no experience uncovered. A great celebration and teaching from one who is obviously Awake & Living Joy."

Kip Mazuy       Bliss Music: Ocean Euphoric, The Calling, Shakti Sience, Nurturance, Now is Forever
New Zealand

5.0 out of 5 stars, "Katie Davis Speaks Directly from the Heart," Awake Joy Book Review

"Katie Davis in Awake Joy writes clearly about the Now with which she is intimately familiar. In these pages, it is obvious that she has fully explored consciousness and its many levels, as she gently guides the reader to the depths of the Self. She also beautifully describes Awakeness like only someone who knows it can. These pages contain much beauty, compassion, insight, and wisom to drink in and enjoy.

Gina Lake Author, Radical Happiness, Anatomy of Desire, Return to Essence, Living Your Destiny
Sedona, AZ     Getting Free, Choosing Love

5 out of 5 stars, "From Heart to Heart," Awake Joy Book Review

"Katie's book is written from the Heart, the essence that we all are. As such it carries a gentle, yet powerful, transmission if you simply relax and allow yourself to feel it.

Resting into Awake Joy is not something that can be achieved through any technique. So Katie artfully points us to this simple feeling of joyful aliveness that exists as our true nature, prior to all thought and experience.

I recommend reading this book slowly. Feel into that within you to which the words point, as opposed to seeing it as a way to accumulate yet more information. This is the blessing of this book."

Leo Hawkins       Author, Break Out of Your Mind! Live from the Endless Source that Makes Everything Possible
Awake Joy Book Reviews ~ Acclaim
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5.0 out of 5 stars  "Pure Being," June 24, 2008
By R. Morgan (Boulder, CO), Awake Joy Book Review
Thank you to Katie for providing this amazing and wonderful book. I have been a student of enlightenment literature for a long, long time. (Still not enlightened!) Katie's writing is unique because she is able to use words and language beautifully to effectively describe very profound and subtle awareness and being. She seems to capably deconstruct / define the levels of consciousness that are experienced as one traverses the levels of consciouness. She includes in the book some lovely and breathtaking writings and poems that reveal her awareness. This book is beauty expressed in writing (excellent writing). Wow!

Dearest Katie and Sundance, Your new books are beautiful! I wish you the best for them - may they spread and deepen the fulfillment that is present for all! Sending you love and support, always ~

GangajiAuthor, You Are That, A Diamond in Your Pocket
Ashland, OR

Hello Loves! Thank you for your beautiful, radiant books. I've shared them with the sangha here. All Love ~

Pamela Wilson
Santa Fe, New Mexico

5.0 out of 5 stars "Unique and Amazing" July 12, 2008
Book Review By Paula (Seattle)

Awake Joy is truly unique and quite amazing. Katie so clearly and effectively guides deeper shifts in perception of our consciousness. The book is successful at this in two ways. First, her writing is so beautiful and mystical, when she occasionally shares her direct encounters with nature that are embodying the chapter's teaching. Instead of teaching the subject matter in these sections, we have an inside view of heart living. In these few, but totally unique sections, we disappear into the beauty and without noticing it at all, we are suddenly so energetically deeper. It all seems to happen in such a discreet manner. Secondly for the intellect, she points sharply with such clarity to notice the references of perception. All it really takes is to look where she is pointing and the reference point disappears and we find a profound shift has taken place.

Thursday, 2/7/08, 4:53 PM, Awake Joy Book Review (Guest Book)
I'm awake! I found myself finally spirtually. I can't explain, but everything in life is precious!!!
From: California

Sunday, 3/2/08, 1:41 PM, Awake Joy Book Review (Guest Book)
Sundance and Katie: We can't decide if we are blown away more by the existence of your books, the wonderful words you had for us or the wonderful message you are sharing with the world! Many, many thanks. M.S.B.
From: Oregon

Monday, 3/3/08, 12:21 PM, Awake Joy Book Review, (Guest Book)
This book is in full bloom. Presence shines through every page. When I pick it up, I sense I am resting in the heart. Beautiful. Thank you!
From: Evian, France

Friday, 3/7/08, 11:12 AM, Awake Joy Book Review, (Guest Book)
Katie, we met at your event in Dallas and I had a private session with you. I am loving your book. I recently had an awakening to the heart while at a church retreat. I was able to let go of my mind and experience God's love in my heart. I had an emotional release which was so freeing. You have contributed to this awareness. Love from my Heart to yours.
From: Texas 

Thursday, 3/27/08, 12:31 AM , Amazon Review
Book Review by Jerry Katz, "Nonduality.com" Five out of Five Stars

"Is There Anything Deeper?"

Borrowing from Japanese cookery, I call the writing style of Katie Davis tempura. It is tender and crisp.

The purpose of this book is to be a pointing toward the recognition of Heart, Truth, Reality, or Awake Joy.

The chapter entitled Innocence may be the best one, for how it compares egotistic illusion to awake joy. "If you wish is to be free of suffering, you must stop terrorizing yourself and others. When you stay sharply present and free of time, the `I' thought does not arise, since it requires time. Being present defies the false image of ego and therefore defies mental separation. If you slip into time and the image of `I' does not arise, do not touch it."

Katie gets you actively involved in this book, requiring you to look at your emotions, thoughts, problems, and feelings. She says, "Always inquire into negative emotion, `Is there anything deeper?' and keep following it to its deepest root." Then you are guided to a place beyond time, which is known as Essence or Awake Joy.

Katie notes that one comes upon new perceptual reference points as the journey to Self-discovery deepens. She reminds you not to get mentally involved in any of them. "Instead, we release the perception to open to the essential Essence to which they point."

I enjoyed the descriptions of the beach and ocean in Maui and the Oregon coast. They are a small but significant part of this book as they bring you to surrender to the pages you are reading. And surrender is the overall tone of this book.

It is remarkable that Katie and her husband Sundance Burke wrote their books at desks next to each other, and they published them at the same time and in the same format. Sundance's book is Free Spirit. I'll be reviewing that one next.

Jerry Katz, Author, One: Essential Writings on Nonduality
From: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Friday, 5/16/08, 10:32 AM
5 out of 5 stars, Profoundly Deep Resonance May 16, 2008, Book Review by Kathy Lynn (Toronto), Amazon Review

I recently met Katie Davis, author of "Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment" and her husband, Sundance Burke, author of "Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being" at intensives that they were offering in Toronto. Before even entering the hall where they were already silently sitting, I sensed a strong, silent depth within. I have been to intensives and retreats with most of the better known teachers and I must say that the Toronto intensives were the most profound that I have encountered. Furthermore, I seem to be mostly stabilized in this resonance now. I first read "Awake Joy" cover to cover and now whenever I briefly get lost in time, I return to "Awake Joy." Somehow, this book seems to carry that silent frequency. In the first Appendix, Katie offers an exercise for meditative reading and I find it helpful to settle into the vibrant stillness. She recommends the exercise before reading so that you aren't reading from the mind rather than resting in the Heart. I have now reread Ramana Maharshi's "Be as You Are" and Jean Klein's "I Am" while practicing Katie's meditative reading exercise and I seem to have so much more clarity and better absorb the teaching. Or try it before listening to any video by any other teacher and you might discover a stabilizing silence within. "Awake Joy" is divided into four progressive parts. The first part, "The Dream," offers an overview of enlightenment and encourages us to notice that when we are identified with the mind made self, what she calls "dreaming I," we are dreaming. Part Two, "The Eyewitness," leads us through self-observation and is a study of thought, emotion and form. Part Three, "The Pure Being," leads us into the heart of enlightenment and the study of sacred formlessness. Finally, Part Four, "The Heart" guides us to Self-realization with great clarity and an underlying palpable stillness. The book then points to integration and awake living. What I loved about this section is the manner in which she writes, I truly can sense what "living the Heart's way" might be like. I am grateful for the second Appendix that offers meditations to reveal common remaining delusions. We are using these experiments in a Krishnamurti group that I attend and find them helpful. This book is a treasure and I sense that Katie might be the end of my twenty year search. I awakened a few years ago, but have not realized the Truth. Similar to Nisargadatta's "I Am That" but with a feminine voice and the delicacy of the Heart, "Awake Joy" will probably be with me for a very long time. The underlying message of the book is to "Be Awake ... since we are Awake." I have not yet read Sundance's "Free Spirit" but I plan on buying it today after writing this. I find it unique and fascinating that they live the Awake Life as the Beloved. At satsang, he spoke with great clarity.
From: Toronto

Wednesday, 5/21/08, 9:57 PM , 5 out of 5 stars, Amazon Review
Simply Beautiful! Five out of Five Stars, May 21, 2008 by Steven Lewis "Awakening in Seattle"

First let me say that I had my first awakening while sitting with her in Silent Joy Satsang, which was a one hour evening of silence that she offered once a week in addition to her other gatherings. The stillness was deafening. She moved to Hawaii to write Awake Joy and I have been waiting for it to publish for sometime and now I am even more grateful. I enjoy the same deep stillness while reading as I did in the Silent Joy evenings. This book is well organized and progressively goes deeper and deeper with great clarity. She has included quotes at the beginning of each chapter from sages throughout time to offer a taste of the chapter's subject matter. This book does not get lost in therapy for the psychological drama of the ego, but unceasingly points you back to what is prior, closer and more intimate to you than the idea of "me." In Awake Joy, "who am I?" remains the most essential question. The book cover calls this an A-Z guide to awakening and Self-realization and it is definitely a valuable handbook for everyone to reread at different times along the awakening journey. I call it ... simply beautiful. I am presently reading Katie's awakened husband's book, Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being by Sundance Burke and find it quite complementary to Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment. Thank you!
From: Seattle

The One Who Loves Her, June 10, 2008, Amazon Review
Book Review by  Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit

In 1986, the author, Katie Davis, owned an aerobics business named Body by Katie. One day of that year, while Katie was teaching a superfit class, she simply disappeared from all earthly experience into the divine mystery beyond all awareness of form. Clearly a challenge to put into words, Katie calls this divinity within us, Awake Joy, the essence of living. Though her attention returned to the aerobic floor, its space and time, after being in attention only to its essence, it took her twelve years to fully re-integrate with the body and mind in this dimension. During that period, Katie was faced with the daunting challenge of integrating every human sense and impression that arose into the divine within her knowing. For that entire period, she existed in a state of consciousness that burned away every trace of illusion as it arose. In fact, her aerobics business literally burned down two years after her awakening. Many symbolic burnings followed. By 1998, the divine essence was fully embodied and the inspiration for this book was born into this life.

Awake Joy is Katie's gift of sharing the Truth with all of us. The fullness of Love and Joy is all that truly is. She states that this is who you are and what is always here and now. The "I" that you think you are and the body that you perceive are wondorous symbols that point to your timeless essence and formless beauty. The frequency of the divine Spirit within form is vibrantly alive and awake in this writing. My favorite passages are found where Katie shares her impressions of the natural world perceived from within the intelligence of the awakened Heart. Here we are lifted into the awe and wonder that she knows as the reality of our nature. Katie is simply a living angel, who's intimately aware of our life's goodness, beauty, love, peace and co-passion for all Being. How do I know this? I am her Beloved husband in this life. That admitted, this is a great book that will profoundly touch your soul if you are willing to give your mind to your Beloved, this Being, this life, this moment, just as it really is.

One proviso: Awake Joy is not for the timid or those of us who are still great believers in the personal self and what it might acheive. No, Awake Joy calls for your surrender of all that holds you to this surface dream. You see, causeless Joy depends on nothing you dream about, it depends only on You, or rather...it is You.

Injoy, Sundance Burke, Author, Free Spirit: A Guide to Enlightened Being

5 out of 5 stars
Book Review, "Fully Awake and Alive," May 21, 2008 , Amazon Review
By  Robert Blake (Boulder) 

"Awake Joy" is written by a western author that is awake, not awakening. Previously, my favorite book was Be as You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi (Arkana) by Ramana Maharshi. The difference is that "Awake Joy" does not use eastern terms that keep sending the reader to a glossary to determine the sanskrit meanings.

For pleasure reading, I have also enjoyed A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61) and The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle. I loved these books, but they didn't seem to take me deeper than I am. Similarly, Awake Joy encourages conscious awakening, but also completes the journey to enlightenment and Self-realization.

Most useful, Katie encourages us to note "where we are looking from." She offers universal reference points all of which encourage deeper seeing. This noticing allowed a significant shift deeper during my first reading. Since I became aware of the reference point, I realized that I was actually beyond it, as Katie clearly points in the book.

For those who are sensitive to the awakened frequency, this book, Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlightenment, consumes "you."

5 out of 5 stars
Book Review, "Intelligent, Eloquent and Deep," May 25, 2008, Amazon Review
By  Sherry (Sedona) 

A friend recommended this wonderful book and I found it very useful to move deeper in awakening. This is a book that I will reread along the way. The author writes with both clarity and eloquence that allows both deeper insights and spiritual awe at the same time. The great silence is apparent on every page.

Upon awakening, the pathway seemed quite confusing and many books that I read furthered that confusion. This is a an accessible guide to keep from being lost in trying to understand concepts. It progressively points deeper and deeper through intelligent inquiry and devotion. It leads us to awakening, deepens to enlightenment, encourages integration and full embodiment of truth. It then points to awake living, but not conceptually, rather directly in a lovely manner, so that we may have a peek at what it might be like to be living the ultimate potential of the real human being, when our multi-dimensionality is finally embraced.

Because of my own awakening, I know that waking up is available to everyone. However, I also had the impression that enlightenment and Self-realization were reserved for monks in robes who sat in caves. Now, I realize that this too is available for anyone who is willing to continue noticing the unfathomable depth of pure awareness. The chart of reference points in this book is helpful for this deeper investigation.

I also recommend this book for the Practices and Meditations in the Appendix. They are effective in helping those who would like to live more consciously in the present moment and then they shift deeper by removing the idea of the pratitioner altogether. In this deeper awakening, evermore subtle layers of the intellect are revealed to finally discover the Essence of pure being; the Truth.

Book Review by Marci Winters, August 2, 2008

Twenty years ago, Katie Davis was not a spiritual seeker until one day, this mother of two, spontaneously awakened from ordinary business woman/secondary school educator to Enlightened Being. Without a spiritual practice or teacher, she radically awakened to the reality and truth of who we really are.

Years later, Eckhart Tolle encouraged Davis to write Awake Joy: The Essence of Enlighenment, her thought-provoking guidebook to higher consciousness. Awake Joy is both poetic and comprehensive. The language, abstractions and metaphors are like the filling in a dense, rich, dark chocolate layered cake.

Davis believes that our conditioned intelligence is limited and most of us are essentially sleepwalking through life. We each live in a mental illusion that the mind-made self creates. Because the ego, the conceptual I, has a need to tell stories, our mental images match what we are conditioned to believe. Through self-observation, recognizing that you can be free of ego's push and pull cycles, the opportunity to awakened is unveiled.

To be liberated from the ego, Davis suggests that you accept each moment in your life situation to be as it is. This profound acceptance opens the door and lets the ego out, thus a greater connection with the oneness in life can be experienced. This allows us to become more present and to focus on the way of the Heart.

Various breathing exercises, mantras and meditations are offered at the end of the book. They are extremely easy and a relaxed centered feeling washes through the mind-body after practice, creating a more conscious presence. I experienced a new appreciation for the abundance surrounding me, which felt like the Essence of Enlightenment, when I chanted the Sanskrit mantra, Om Nama Shivaya. It is a divine pleasure to taste Davis' sincere heart filled love that she shares on each page.

Marci Winters is a screenwriter/writer, director, producer whose family film, Sweetwater, has aired on PBS. Sweetwater is endorsed by Kids First!, The Coalition for Quality Children's Media. She is available for script consultations and editing and can be reached at her website www.sweetwaterfilm.com 

Book Review by Joe (Tacoma), Sunday, 11/9/08, 3:18 PM, Awake Joy Guest Book

So much to read. So much to think about. So much to do. So many teachers. So much of this and so much of that. So much, so much. I just now finished the book, and all I can say is thank you...for so much. Joe

Book Review by Linda,11/19/08, Amazon Review


Greetings to you both...I have just finished reading both of your books back to back .......I have been reading and studying the modern mystics as I call you guys for the past year and a half and my life is indeed different but the same!! I can taste/feel/experience the Free Spirit and Awake Joy more each day as i just notice and feel within....

I can honestly say that your books are so very excellent and I loved them and you...I will reread them again and again as I have a few others....so clear, so well expressed... can't find the words to express what I am feeling.....at times I can just about reach there with your words.....a taste of it for sure.....thank you so much for all the time and sharing and love that  has been part of the whole experience with you both......maybe someday we can meet face to face and let the love flow as it surely does and is......

I really liked that you include the body, because it has been in question for a long time with me....as many these days seem to shun the body as an illusion....same as the world...and they take on a "less than quality" as in bad and nothing to give any attention to...that is not inclusive and accepting of all that is... seems to be a denial of what is given us to explore this seeming world...and if it is all consciousness awareness including the body, then what is not real about that.....

I realize it is our misidentification with the false that has us in its grips.....thinking what is real is false and what is false is real.....such a conundrum as it were...so when we see the truth of who we really are the world, which includes us and all things is returned to what it never left and was not to its original state within and we continue with the dream but from a different place inside and the world is ......and we are....as at first there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, and then there is the mountain..........so it is.....

Thanks again for all your offering.......until next time....take care and be well.....loving you both.. and in deep gratitude......linda.....

Book Review by Maren Springstein, 11/09/09, Awake Joy Guest Book

Awake Joy is stunningly beautiful. Deeply authentic, so luminously written from the One Heart, it embraces itSElf everywhere, leaving nothing out of its already utterly whole embodiment. Thank for you this precious treasure, so love and light immanent that one's joy at reading through soul essence can hardly be contained. ~ From the One Heart to Itself

February 3, 2010 (Awake Joy Guest Book)

Your book, "Awake Joy" is "right on" from my perspective and I am in tune with your approach and the Truth of Eternal bliss, joy, the Love of God as described in your book. Precious! Your writings help clarify and simplify the path to experience this blissful joy!

From:Sacramento, California

R. Morgan, "Pure Being" Amazon Review, 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you to Katie for providing this amazing and wonderful book. I have been a student of enlightenment literature for a long, long time. (Still not enlightened!) Katie's writing is unique because she is able to use words and language beautifully to effectively describe very profound and subtle awareness and being. She seems to capably deconstruct / define the levels of being that are experienced as one traverses from consciousness to being. She includes in the book some lovely and breathtaking writings and poems that reveal her awareness. This book is beauty expressed in writing (excellent writing). Wow!

James, Washington State, Amazon Review, 5 out of 5 stars

Awake Joy is the best book I have ever read. It is totally new, unique, with fresh perspectives and flawless non-duality. Thank you Katie!

Ulli Sir Jesse, Munich Germany, Amazon Review, 5 out of 5 stars

I loved Katie's book. It is written beauitfully and takes you on a journey to the silent space inside. I highly recommend it to spiritual seekers who wish to find inner peace and return home.

James Carland "trey" Amazon Review, 5 out of 5 stars, Amazon Review

I just discovered Katie Davis a couple of months ago online and had to buy her book. She has free samples on her website that are just flowing with truth. I am always a bit skeptical when I learn of a "new" spiritual teacher (as in one I haven't heard of before), but she is the real deal. Eckhart Tolle encouraged her to write the book, and there are very few people in that category. She combines Tolle's pointers with self inquiry, or the direct path, all of which speak to me directly with where I am on my path. I have to say it is one of my top 3 books now, along with A Thousand Names for Joy by Byron Katie, and Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Adyashanti and Gangaji are up there too. Enjoy.

Maren Springsteen, Amazon Review, 5 out of 5 starts

This book is astounding and simply brilliant, written from Pure Heart and deep Love that illuminates each and every page and transmits its timeless wisdom directly to the reader with its potent pointers, beautiful poetry, honest sharing.

I am deeply touched and refer to "Awake Joy" again and again and treasure also the extremely beautiful cover-the author's incredible sense of Beauty, being Beauty herself, leaves one with a sense of wonder and deep gratitude for sharing herself in absolute humbleness, always pointing to the Truth that the Reader IS that very same Self.

No separation at all is experienced in this rare volume!

Equally profound and valuable are the many beautiful resources on the web that dear Katie shares with us, her site [...]

that feels like a slice of Heaven, and leads to her inspiring blog, videos, Facebook site and more...

One is privy to receiving jewels of eternal wisdom like this one in one's inbox that dear Katie answered after someone's loving comment:

"In 'relationship' to the universe, I am pure beingness. In 'relationship' to consciousness, I am pure awareness.

However this is not a land of relationships. Pure 'I" (Heart) stands alone and is that which makes nothing and everything possible.
Without contradiction, Heart is all that is.

Thank you for pointing out that the life situation is always in variation and impermanent. Which is why when we seek happiness objectively in the life situation, we suffer.

Impermanence cannot contain that which is permanent. Whereas, permanence contains all that is impermanent.

I am here only to point to the fact that if we are willing to rest as "I am" and inquire into the true nature of "I," we realize a changeless joy that is absolutely indestructible, depends on nothing and is caused by nothing.

Furthermore, it is already complete within you right now. We have only to realize it ... rather realize who you ultimately are.

This joy of being is available to every human being.

That is the miracle!!!

~ Love ~" Katie Davis"

or this one:

Katie Davis: "Beloved ~ I am not an object. I am you; radiant being and the mystery that is. Deeply contemplate the "I Am" ... or rather ... effortless being ... just as a sugar cube dissolves in a hot cup of tea, one realizes that sweetness remains. When the subject dissolves (no matter how gross or formlessly subtle), ...there is no "other" to witness."

Katie Davis' pure Light shines with such immense compassion and absolute Realization, bound to no-thing, completely free.

There is no leaning on other teachings, rather fresh, new, yet eternal insights that transform and remind the reader daily of one's Real Being.

In these 3d- seeming times of turmoil and upheaval, I cannot think of a better companion to have by one's side, this is one of those rare books that makes you want to take it ( and one other I'll get to in a second) with you should you ever have to leave your human home in a hurry, and even that would be accomplished in an easy manner, with a serene smile, knowing One is ALREADY home always, resting and abiding there.

Dear Reader, you can gladly leave all other books behind, and guess, what, eventually even this one, as after reading this authoritative, loving, amazing work, you are ready to take the leap and just live and BE what these pages point to.

But trust me, you wouldn't want to leave this gorgeous work behind, reading it henceforth as the ONLYNESS that Pure Awareness is, it would just feel like your SELF communing beautifully with your SELF.

I would highly recommend to read this astoundingly pure volume in conjunction with dear Sundance Burke's "Free Spirit", this book is the other one I'd definitely not want to leave behind!

Written side by side by and through Pure Love, these two books seem to work their magic in a beautiful synergy, rounding up all aspects of Spirit's boundless joy and freedom, shining Light from all facets, leaving no question unanswered.

One literally feels the deep Love the authors are and so generously share and what a trip it has been!

Take a journey into paradise, dearest Reader, literally, read these gorgeous, once-in-a-millenium-books and give Thanks to live at this time, being able to have been led to your SELF in such a gentle, joyful manner, stay right where you already always are and never have fallen from effortlessly from within and derive daily joy through dear Katie and Sundance's sites, blogs, videos, and one day, (my dream here:), a retreat on Maui with these two Light Angels!

Thank you from all my heart for your generous sharing, dearest Katie and Sundance!
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