Questions You Should Ask As You Hire a Tree Company 

If you’re planning to hire repair specialists or contractors, you have to guarantee that you’ll only hire qualified experts to do the job for you. This is also applicable if you’re looking for the best tree company to hire that offers great tree services. Maintaining your trees, particularly close to utility poles, can be a hazardous work to do given that power lines or height are involved. To help you in choosing the best tree service provider, check out this list of the questions that you should ask them: 


Will you use spikes when climbing trees? 

Don’t expect all companies to work in the same manner. Know if the company will utilize tree spikes to climb to healthy treetops. Also, when they do, it’s time to think again. Spikes can potentially damage healthy trees and will just let them be infected by insects, bacteria, or fungus. When they suggest topping trees be cautious since certified arborists don’t usually consider this method as the best thing to do.  

Will you utilize heavy tools to access treetops? 

Other tree companies utilize big trucks to perform the needed work, which can result in all types of damage to your premises. Because of that, you need to know before the work is started if the company will climb trees and use low impact approach.  

Will you give a written estimate free of charge? 

A quality and trusted Mackay tree experts won’t ever think twice to come to your area to assess the work that’s needed to be completed. Moreover, they will give you an estimate not just for the expected cost of the work but also for how long they believe it would take to finish the scope of work.  

Can I see some references? 

If a tree service company is reputable, they will be more than willing to provide you the references from their happy clients. You can also do something about this by researching for testimonials, reviews, and feedback about the company and the services they offer. You can also try calling the people in their reference list to hear their feedback yourself.  

Are you properly insured? 

Since there are a lot of associated risks with various tree services, which includes working close to electrical power lines, climbing trees to cut limbs, etc., it’s vital to make sure and verify that the tree service company you’ll be hiring is sufficiently insured for liability caused by injury, damage, or accidents. Moreover, they have to make sure that their staff is well taken care of and that they meet the requirements of OSHA for worker safety.  

What qualifications do you have? 

Not all tree service providers within your area have a similar level of certification and skill. As clients, you certainly have the right to request proof that they have the experience. When a company refuses or is hesitating to provide direct answers or proof, you need to be cautious. If this is the case, it’s time to look for another company.